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    fandom_muses for September: Out of control

    Posted on 2008.09.11 at 22:35

    If everything's under control, you're going too slow. - Mario Andretti

    Millie looked around the half-put-together nursery.  The crib had been installed upon delivery, but the mattress and linens weren’t on yet.  The changing table needed to be assembled, there were curtains for hanging and toys that needed a toy chest to go in.  The only part that looked ready-for-baby was the rocking chair.  She wasn’t too worried – she still had a couple of months left to go.  The last couple of days running around the City trying to furnish the room had been tiresome and she was looking forward to the end of her pregnancy.

    Taking a moment to catch her breath, Millie sat down in the rocking chair.  It faced the large window overlooking the city, where, even though it was barely nightfall, she could see the lights of the Village begin to glow. She felt a sense of calm.  As she rocked slowly back and forth, a hand to her belly, she realized it was the first time since the trip to the hospital that she’d really slowed down.

    Everything was going so fast.  She kept reassuring herself that it would be okay – that she and Mike would be fine, that the baby would be fine…It’s not that she didn’t trust herself or Mike.  Separately – yes.  Together?...they were still getting to know each other.  It had been a little less than a year since they began going out.  In some ways, she felt he knew her better than anybody.  In other ways…she didn’t have a clue what was running through his head.  And now they were having a baby.  It scared her – she wanted this to work, she wanted a life with him – but what if…

    What if he left?  It was the quiet, but persistent thought that kept running through her mind since the day that he’d suggested such a thing might be “for the best”.  She persuaded him that day that he was wrong, that they loved each other and even if they didn’t know everything about each other, it could be enough.  They could be enough – for each other. 

    What if she couldn’t persuade him next time? What if—he went? They didn’t have all the answers figured out yet.  Millie hardly felt in control of her life. There were still questions without answers – things she hadn’t learned about him.  One thing she did know for sure, however, was that she needed him.   


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    fandom_muses for August: "Evidence"

    Posted on 2008.08.27 at 18:26
    [note: Mike Logan referred to is detmike_logan.  Munch and Fin are non-muse specific.]

    “Hey, hey, hey, easy does it,” Millie barked at the two crime scene technicians who were flipping over a king-size mattress that was at the sight of a bloody double-homicide.

    The two detectives, both junior to her in rank, rolled their eyes. 

    “You got a problem?”  Millie walked over, fingerprint brush in hand.  “Let me tell you something.  Don’t mess with a pregnant lady during the August heat, in the middle of a sleazy motel in Red Hook.”

    “I’m so scared,” Sergeant John Munch smirked as he walked by.

    “Hey, I’m from the hood,” Millie called after him, “I will cut you.”

    “Yeah, but you can’t outrun me,” Munch motioned to her belly. 

    “Wanna test that theory?” She jokingly pointed the blunt edge of the print brush in his direction.

    “…why does everyone always try to injure me?” Munch wanted to know.

    “Maybe because you’re good at pissin’ people off.”   His partner, Fin Tutuola, was blunt.

    “Among other reasons,” Millie said, snapping on a pair of gloves.

    “You’ve been hanging around Logan too long,” Munch said. 

    “Oooh, you wanna start?” Millie grinned. “Go there, go there and see how long it takes me to process evidence for you next time.”

    “No, wait,” Munch said,  “He’s a whiny bitch. You’re just a…”

    Fin elbowed his partner before Munch could finish.  “Man, when you gonna learn how to shut the hell up?”

     A second later, the fingerprint brush hit the older detective’s glasses, narrowly missing his eye. 

    “HEY! Hey, you could have killed me!” Munch exclaimed. 

    Millie grinned. “I may be a bitch, but I’ve got good aim.”


    TBS Roleplay Prompt 2.16 [rp thread for detmike_logan]

    Posted on 2008.05.29 at 15:09
    Tags: , ,
    Roleplay a scene where your muse is trying on clothes. It can be shopping, wedding gown, closet cleaning out, trying on a new style…whatever.

    Late May 2008

    Millie stood in front of the mirror, pushing the babydoll-style t-shirt over her stomach.  It didn't look bad on her. It was just...snug. 

    "I'm faaat," she moaned.  "This doesn't fit me any more. Neither does that one," she motioned to another shirt. "Or those ones." She pushed the mound of clothes at Mike as if to indicate, this is all your fault. 


    2.12.1 G Foolish

    Posted on 2008.04.22 at 20:49

    [detmike_logan used with gracious permission]

    Wise men say
    only fools rush in,
    but I can’t help
    falling in love with you.

    [Early April]

    Millie sat in the lab, her gloves off for a change, and admired the antique engagement ring on her left hand.  She still couldn’t believe it.  Of course, they weren’t officially engaged.  She’d been asking him questions—had he ever thought about marriage, if he loved her couldn’t he see himself with her—marrying her?  She knew the questions scared him.  She didn’t know a lot about his family history but she knew enough to know that his parents’ marriage had been bad enough to make him anxious at thinking about it for himself. He didn’t want to turn out like they had. 

    She tried to tell him that he was different.  He wasn’t a drunk, for one thing, nor was he abusive.  He seemed to think that if he got married, or worse, if he had kids, that some sort of switch would flip and he’d turn into a monster.  She tried to explain that it didn’t work like that.

    There was part of him that wanted desperately to believe her. 

    Mike Logan sat at his desk, cracking his knuckles absently and thinking about the tech on the ninth floor.  Her face had been so hopeful when she approached him about the talk.

    He’d had the talk before with other women.  The talk about the future.  Usually, it ended there and the relationship became the past.  But this was different.  He’d never felt this way. The one time he had thought he was feeling this way, it’d turned out to be a mistake.  But not this.  When she smiled at him, he couldn’t say no.  When she started to talk about wanting to be with him, about needing him, he believed her.  He knew from watching his parents that love was never enough. Even people who loved each other could hate each other, hate their children.  And then she was talking marriage, children—and before he knew it, maybe it was the head injury he’d sustained the day before, he was giving her his grandmother’s ring. 


    She’d looked at him with wide eyes.  She kept doing that.

    Even now, in the lab, Millie’s expression while staring at the platinum-and-diamond band was one of wonder.  

    What he’d said was “Why don’t you wear this?”  It wasn’t a proposal.  It was…she still wasn’t sure.  She did know that they were both diving in head-first, perhaps foolishly, with no regard for their individual issues…or maybe because of them.  But as she watched the ring sparkle in the fluorescent light, she didn’t care.

    Like a river flows, surely to the sea
    Darlin' so it goes, some things are meant to be..

    Take my hand, take my whole life too, for I can't help
    falling in love with you.

    word count: 420 [not including lyrics]

    smile down, contemplative

    TBS Prompt 2.6 Recipe

    Posted on 2008.03.16 at 03:37

    Truthfully, I’m not that great of a cook. My mom always cooked but I was never the sit-in-the-kitchen-watching-patiently kind of girl. I was the tomboy chasing my little brother out in the yard kind of girl. I’d run in to hurriedly chow down on the sopon de pollo con arroz or the frijoles negros, sopping it all up with huge flour tortillas, but I never thought about trying to cook it all myself (despite my mami’s insistence that I should know how).

    I’m sort of learning as I go, rather belatedly, now that I’ve been all grown up and on my own for awhile. With my job, however, it’s easier to grab takeout or my favorite staple, the microwave dinner. The one thing I did learn how to cook—actually, asked my mother to teach me to make—was one of my favorite dishes, arroz con dulce, or Puerto Rican rice pudding.

    Recipe Under the CutCollapse )


    Couples_Therapy Prompt 1.3: First Kiss

    Posted on 2008.03.01 at 17:18
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    She looked across the bed to meet his eyes.  His were bloodshot, hair flopping over his brow.  He looked a little rough and she knew that she didn’t look much better.  It had been a long week, an even longer month—months.  The months were starting to blur and she still couldn’t believe that the last two years had passed like they had.  It had been a daze—until she’d met him that week. 

    When you live your life trying to blend in, it surprises you when someone takes notice. She hadn’t always been like that. She used to be loud, the life of the party, the mischievous one.  These days, she was just trying to get through the day.  But he noticed her in a way that no one had in a long time.

    More than that, he saw her—really, truly saw her.  When she’d stormed in the diner the day before, overwhelmed with frustration, with an anger that no one had ever seemed to understand – he knew.  He knew what it was like for people to tune you out, for people to try to categorize you, pretend like they gave a damn.


    He motioned across the bed, across the space in between them.  It was closer to dawn than to midnight and they’d spent the early hours of the morning talking, complaining of bosses and aching backs, or in her case, the pulled hamstring that had led to him gently massaging her leg.

    Neither of them was in any shape for fooling around – they’d talked about it at the diner on Thursday and had made plans for Saturday. That’s what it had all started out as. The need for sex, plain and simple.

    But it was Friday.  Between work and the pains, literal and figurative, that dotted their lives, they were still on the couch, talking the dark night away.  She could barely walk with her pulled muscle and he was exhausted from a hellish week involving work and an ex-girlfriend. 

    By the end of the night, after he’d carried her to her bedroom (as her leg was still in pain), she knew that it was more than sexual attraction.  She knew that she could want more with him.  It scared her, though, and so she pushed it back.  That someone could know her, see into her soul, could want to protect her and be there for her – it was almost too much to believe. 

    He got ready to leave and she invited him to stay. And so he did, carefully taking off his clothes, till he was down to his boxers and undershirt, glancing at her as he did so, making sure it was okay, before getting in on the other side of the bed.

    When they were both settled, her on the left side and she on the right, with room in between them, is when he gestured to her.


    She moved over, nearer to him, closing in the space between them.  He put his hand to the side of her face, gently cupping her cheek, drawing her closer.  Tilting her head up, she waited until his lips met hers, before kissing him back.

    Moments later, back on her side of the bed, but maybe not so far apart from him, she began to drift off to sleep.  Their first kiss was still fresh in her mind and she felt, for the first time in a long time, not so alone.


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    OOC Note...

    Posted on 2008.02.26 at 21:09
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    As of now, this journal follows two timelines -- one takes place at realmof_themuse, and all entries that fall in that universe will be tagged as such. The other timeline, for couples_therapy, follows the timeline begun at the RPG lawandorder_siu, and will be tagged accordingly as well.

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    OOC: Millie on SVU video

    Posted on 2008.02.22 at 00:09
    ...why, yes, I AM ecstatic. I found Paula Garces' MySpace page, and on it was a video of a couple of her important scenes from the SVU episode "Name" -- if you've seen the original episode, you can tell that the scenes are longer than what the final episode was pared down to. Anyway, because Millie's such a "small" character in the L&O verse, I thought I'd post it here and share with all of you.

    MILLIEEEEECollapse )

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    TBS Prompt 2.1F.1B

    Posted on 2008.02.04 at 17:01
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    Roleplay Prompt: You are acting alone, and someone comes around while you are committing the theft.

    OOC: Open to anyone on Millie's f-list.

    The elevator dings and Millie gets out at the eleventh floor of One Police Plaza. 

    She rarely has the time to come up from the crime lab on days like this – days when even after being put on ‘light duty’ by Roger Henley, she ends up doing double the work she normally would.  But today, she takes the time to go on her break.  Today, she needs a few minutes to herself.  Chewing on a Pixy Stick, she gets off the elevator.  She heads toward Mike Logan’s desk, hoping he’s not there.

    Glancing around to make sure no one is there (or at least, she thinks no one is there), Millie grabs a post-it and writes a note, leaving it on the legal pad on Logan’s desk.  When she’s done, for no reason she can think of, she pockets the Bic pen that she’d picked up from his desk to write the note.

    Word Count: 153

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    taken from Jordan...

    Posted on 2008.01.29 at 22:27
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